The Legacy | Arvingerne – Season 3


The four heirs have made peace with the past and each other. After Thomas’ death, Emil is bringing up Melody at Grønnegaard, where his niece Hannah also lives with her group of artists. Signe lives with boyfriend Aksel most of the time, her ecological farming is doing well, and she is developing business ideas. Gro has created an exhibition space for young, progressive artists in the Art Hall, where she and Hannah intend to challenge the established art world. Frederik has been living in the USA, building a successful and lucrative career, and is now ready to make peace with Solveig. But his family has evolved, and is he really ready for what’s waiting for him when he comes home?

At Grønnegaard Emil is getting ready for Melody’s birthday, while Hannah’s disappearance forces him to consider breaking her confidence. Frederik realises the consequences of his absence, but his visit does not give him much time to prove his worth and regain the trust of the family. Signe has much to learn about agriculture, but farmer Karin provides her with the support she needs to bring her ideas to life. Gro fights for the young artists against the board at the Art Hall when they threaten to end their arrangement after the opening.

There is not much peace for the grieving heirs. Gro doesn’t think that she can commit to the job as curator for the young artists, and has no idea what advice to give when they want help against the Argus mining company. Frederik looks for answers in Hannah’s things. In his grief he blames the youngsters and demands that they move out of Grønnegaard. Emil tries to bring peace, but it’s not easy when he’s also struggling with his conscience towards Frederik. Should he keep lying?

At Grønnegaard Signe continues to fight with Jensen, but with Karin supporting her, she continues with her plans and reaches an important milestone in her business. Gro makes a big decision for her career, which Kim does not condone, and she soon realises that it will have implications for others. Frederik is determined to go to trial for the youngsters but, when the case seems to be lost, he receives help from unexpected quarters. But are there limits to how far he will go to win?

The work of Frederik and Pitu starts to bear fruit, but they are treading a fine line on the edge of the law and must take care not to be discovered. Emil has a hard time dealing with Melody’s absence so decides to focus on Frederik’s welfare instead, but this increased attention turns out to be counter-productive. Signe’s business gains momentum, and she is generous in her willingness to help the family. But is it also for the benefit of her farm?

Emil and Gro disagree about the right environment for Melody’s upbringing. Gro wants more time with Melody and Robert, and urges Emil to think more about himself so sends him back to Grønnegaard alone. Signe is reconciled with Karin, but she soon has new problems when Aksel gets an offer that affects their future. With a lack of cooperation from Pitu, Frederik must suspend the case against Argus, but he decides to help Pitu and the young people with their next action. Emil is reconciled with Frederik, but is he ready to sacrifice himself for his brother?

At Grønnegaard, Frederik is preoccupied with defending the family against the charges brought by the youths, and helps Malik when he is accused of violence. Emil still feels very guilty after the assault, so Frederik agrees that he should go travelling to get away from things. Gro feels inspired about a personal project, and so heads home to bring it to fruition, but putting Melody’s best interests first challenges her plans. Signe faces the reality of her vision for the future. The community is in turmoil, but is Signe prepared for the outcry now knocking on her door?

The confrontation with the locals eats away at Signe, and though she tries to make peace she finds there are limits to what she can handle. Frederik has turned all his attention to Villads and must be vigilant not to lose his son. Emil is back at Grønnegaard and takes charge of cultivating unity on the farm and getting the family to help Signe. Gro is busy with her work, which helps her deal with her grief, but has she considered how it will affect others?

Things are busy at Grønnegaard after plans for the waterworks are leaked. Frederik’s help is popular among the locals and Pitu needs him, but the family demand his full attention. Emil wants to see his family prosper, but it’s hard to keep the peace for Melody’s sake and he is forced to pour oil on troubled waters. Signe’s future takes a completely unexpected turn. When Karin ends their arrangement, and with Aksel in Holland, Signe makes a decision that affects everyone at Grønnegaard.