The Machinery | Maskineriet – Season 1

Olle, an average family man, wakes up on a ferry on its way from Norway to Sweden. He has no idea how he got there. Next to him there is a bag full of money, a gun and a ski mask.

Olle hides the bag of money. Police detective Nina finds evidence pointing to Olle being the one who ordered the equipment used in the robbery. Whoever is trying to set Olle up seems to have done a good job.

Olle returns to Norway to find whoever it is that is trying to frame him for the robbery. Josefin is in still in shock over what has happened. Nina sets off in hot pursuit of one of the robbers.

Nina finds a dead man in the water. Olle is hunted by the police and is forced to hide in the home of his childhood friend, Tom. He finds evidence that someone is setting him up.

Olle realises there is no one he can trust. He manages to find out who is the brains behind the plot against him. Nina finds out who Olle’s father is and goes to see him. Olle is running out of options.

Monika collects the 30 million from the robbery. She returns to her trailer to get her stuff and leave the country. But someone is waiting for her there.

Nina gets new information about Olle, bringing her closer to finding out what is really going on. Josefin receives an unexpected offer and Olle’s past finally catches up with him.

Josefin wakes up and realises that Lilly is missing without a trace. Olle has been spotted nearby. Could he have kidnapped his own daughter? Olle is faced with an impossible choice. Does he choose life or death?