The Minister | Ráðherrann – Season 1


The newly elected chairman of the Independence party, Benedikt, has formed an alliance with the social democratic alliance for the upcoming elections. Unexpectedly, he announces that he will resign if there is not a 90% voter turnout. A chance for the greatest victory in history – but also an intriguing opportunity for his opponents.

As Benedikt denies to take the office of the Prime Minister, the other powers in play consider their options. He spends his time convincing the nation to form a coalition treaty through twitter which draws international attention.

When Ríkarður contacts Benedikt to ask him to help with a dispute in his parish, Benedikt’s impulsive reaction is to separate church and state. As he is preoccupied with a pet project of saving a historical instrument Grímur, the newly elected president of the parliament, puts a halt to his policy.

Benedikt travels north to sign a permit for the construction of a hotel resort in his hometown, where he meets his ex-girlfriend that convinces him to prohibit the construction.

Benedikt abuses his temporary power as president to set a provisional law providing the family of a Ukrainian doctor with citizenship – a law requiring more signatures than his own.

The parliament discusses the option of adopting the Euro. Benedikt however, is obsessed with reworking a medieval music transcript into a musical. In his first brush of psychosis, he declares that Iceland will adopt the Euro unilaterally.

When Steinunn’s family has convinced Ríkarður to deprive Benedikt of legal autonomy in court, a delegation of EU officials arrives in Iceland to oppose the plan of unilaterally adopting the Euro. Benedikt is frustrated and declares them persona non grata before heading out of the city.

A search and rescue party manhunt finds Benedikt unconscious in the highlands. Benedikt allies now all want to replace him.