The Most Forbidden | Det Mest Förbjudna – Season 1


Kerstin Thorvall lives an idyllic and loving suburban life. She is married to a decent man, has three children and is a talented fashion illustrator. The Most Forbidden is loosely based on the novel of the same name about a woman who will not conform and escapes into her work… and to eroticism. But she must also fight against mental illness and the consequences this has for her children.

Kerstin’s writing career takes off and she becomes one of Sweden’s most read. She loves her job. But with a new man and a new child she feels trapped and feels the need to escape. She goes to Cuba with her teenage son and tries a new form of psychiatry. She takes time out of life, writes and finds the freedom of eroticism.

Kerstin now has grandchildren but continues to sleep with young men and becomes more liberated. She becomes one of Sweden’s most acclaimed writers when her scandalous book, The Most Forbidden, is released. The woman in the book wants everything – just as Kerstin Thorvall herself does.