The Name Of The Game | Krigarnas ö

2016 | 116 minutes | Action, Drama, Thriller
1.9 out of 5 stars

Director: Emil Jonsvik
Written by: Mats Helin, Emil Jonsvik, Jessica Letho
Stars: Mats Helin, Kim Bodnia, Aurora Roald, Line Verndal

On an idyllic archipelago island Peter will spend a few days together with his daughter Sandra in an attempt to catch up on lost times. They have barely met since the tragic suicide of his son five years earlier and Peter has been struggling to accept the loss of his own child.

When on the island Sandra meets a group of youngsters who entice her with both friendship as well as romance but she soon finds herself deeply involved in a dangerous game, a game they call the Warrior. They give each other missions and dares that have to be completed in order to receive the desirable title – Warrior.

Peter, who discovers what they are up to, cannot afford to lose Sandra but chooses to not bring this to the attention of the police and keeps it from friends and the daughter’s mother. When the daughter disappears deeper and deeper into the game he feels as if there is no other choice than to strike back and join their game with dire consequences to follow.

Peter is determined – he will come home with his daughter and is prepared to go far for the one that he loves the most.