The Red Couple | Punainen Kolmio


3.5 out of 5 stars
Starring: Vappu Nalbantoglu, Eero Aho, Emmi Pesonen
2015. Series Ended

The Red Couple is a three part historical drama that follows the marriage of Finnish communists Hertta Kuusinen and Yrjö Leino – from before World War II, when they were imprisoned for communist activism, until after the war when they climbed Finland’s political ladder and became leading politicians.

“It is a story of love and passion, but also about politics, betrayal and violence, although not with a lot of special effects – the historical events in the country is reflected in their relationship,” says director Heidi Köngäs.

”Many people were against Finland fighting with Nazi Germany, they try to forget it, but it was how Finland avoided coming under a communist regime.”

“I think it is important to explore historical issues, because you need to know history to understand what goes on in the world today – and not only the history of your own country,” concludes Köngäs.