The Restaurant May Return With New Format

As season two of The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu) drew to a close this week, it seemed that next year’s final season would be the end of the story. However, SVT has now revealed that there may be plans to extend the epic saga with a new format.

The series follows the Löwander family and their prestigious Stockholm restaurant through the decades, beginning on Peace Day 1945. Season one covers the years 1945-1950 and season two moves the story on to 1955-1962, while the third season picks up the action in 1968-1971.

However, SVT Head Of Drama, Anna Croneman, explained to TT that its continuation would not be a direct fourth season: “It’s a challenge to hold on to the DNA of the series, especially with the characters ageing over time, and actors aged 25 would have to play 75 year olds.”

“There are lots of things up in the air for discussion but nothing has been decided yet. We can’t reveal anything, except that it would involve a new format for the series.”

Season three of The Restaurant premieres Autumn 2019 on SVT and will air in 2020 on Viaplay.