The Restaurant | Vår tid är nu – Season 1


Stockholm, Peace Day 1945. A spontaneous kiss between two strangers among the throng at Kungsgatan will prove to have major consequences. The war has affected business for the Löwander family’s Djurgårdskällaren restaurant, but son Gustaf finds a risky way to solve the restaurant’s financial problems. Sister Nina arranges a peace banquet that will determine her future, and head chef Backe makes life hell for new kitchen boy Calle Svensson.

Peter Löwander returns home and brings with him Suzanne Goldstein, a Jewish refugee. Nina and Calle meet again, but can they find their way back to those first feelings? Gustaf makes the restaurant’s catastrophic finances worse with his shady business, but brother Peter begins to realise that something is wrong.

Gustaf and Helga organise 50th anniversary celebrations at Djurgårdskällaren in a bid to accelerate business. But Nina has another solution. She defies her brother and starts jazz evenings in the function room. Peter confronts Gustaf about the restaurant’s catastrophic finances. Nina and Calle are now happy as a couple, but Nina is furious when Calle gets into a fight with one of her friends.

Peter and Suzanne reveal some news which shakes the family. Peter’s dispute with gangster Ragnarsson results in major consequences. Gustaf is not just at risk of going to prison. Nina and Calle’s secret relationship is at its peak. Helga asks Peter for a big favour, and Maggan gets her son Uno back from the foster home. But is that the right decision?

Peter takes over as a restaurant manager when Gustaf is arrested. Ragnarsson squeezes Peter for money by threatening Suzanne. The future of the restaurant is at stake. Calle makes a bad decision regarding Nina. Head chef Backe shows a hidden side. Maggan and Lilly’s relationship deepens but is threatened.

Everything is hanging by a thread. Peter and Nina are fighting for the restaurant’s survival. Maggan is tired of how the staff are treated and fights for their rights. Gustaf is released from custody. Calle finally gets the chance to prove himself in the kitchen. But is he up to the challenge? Calle and Nina’s love hits a crossroads.

Nina and Erik celebrate their engagement with a party on the archipelago. Calle is reluctantly put in charge of the food. Gustaf reveals Suzanne’s painful secret to Peter. Gustaf fires Maggan because of her involvement with the union, and Helga is on a collision course with Nina’s future mother-in-law.

Suzanne’s collapse has major consequences for both Peter and the restaurant. The conflict between Gustaf and Maggan comes to a head when help comes from the most unexpected of places. Calle is forced to make a choice: follow his heart or take charge. Helga pushes Nina into doing the right thing, and Gustaf takes advantage when Peter is at his weakest.

The past few years have meant dramatic changes for the Löwander family. Nina and Erik now have a little daughter and Nina has become a housewife, but not everything is as perfect as it seems. Peter works as a lawyer and has made a dangerous connection. Gustaf is now the sole restaurant manager, but Peter and Helga are opposed to his plans. The conflict between the brothers flares up and becomes stronger than ever.

The battle between Gustaf and Peter rages on about funding the restaurant with dirty money. Esther plays a bigger role in Peter’s life. Maggan is made chairman of the union but there are strong forces against her. Calle’s work at the restaurant takes a dramatic turn.