The Restaurant | Vår tid är nu – Season 2


Stockholm, December 1955. The restaurant is going from strength to strength so there should be joy, but the Löwander family is divided. A traumatic event prompts matriarch Helga to try and unite the family again, but will Gustaf accept the extended hand? Ester tries to create friction between Peter and Nina, while Nina gives Calle a long-awaited Christmas present, and Maggan receives an unwelcome visitor from the past.

Helga, Peter and Nina try to persuade Gustaf not to sell his share of the restaurant to Henriette Winter. Gustaf is thinking of betting everything he has on Oscarshof, but can he trust his partner? Nina has had several miscarriages, and both she and Calle are worried that it will happen again. Chef Backe tries hearing aids, but is it enough to regain his grip on the kitchen staff?

1956. Henriette Winter is now a partner at the restaurant, so Peter and Ester try to find a way to get rid of her. Gustaf provides competition with his new Oscarshof restaurant. Nina and Calle look for an opportunity to tell Helga that she will be a grandmother. Chef Backe is becoming increasingly paranoid. Meanwhile, Angelo is in the clutches of Ragnarsson but help is at hand from Maggan.

After the disaster with the Oscarshof, Gustaf has disappeared without a trace. Has he killed himself? Henriette Winter has decided to sell her share in the restaurant, and a fight breaks out between Peter and Nina who both want to buy it. Helga is forced to choose sides in the fight between Stickan and Calle. A reluctant Bellan lets Angelo work in the dining room, but can he can handle it?

1957. Peter and Ester try to manoeuver Nina out from DK Club, but someone from the past turns up and stops Peter in his tracks. Nina’s daughter, Christina, wants to move to Stockholm to stay with her mum, but will her father agree? Calle has been chef for a year and Gustaf is back working at DK, but is Gustaf the boss of Bellan boss or vice versa? Maggan receives an offer that could mean big changes for her and Uno.

Calle and Nina organise an Italian food week at DK. Gustaf and Bellan squabble over who will teach Angelo the noble art of service. Peter meets the love of his life, Suzanne, behind Ester’s back – but Esther thinks that he’s hiding something. Maggan is invited to lunch with the Gahn couple, but is afraid of making a fool of herself.

Peter faces a difficult decision: should he leave his family and restaurant to live with the love of his life, Suzanne? Angelo resigns from the restaurant, but won’t say why. Gustaf seeks treatment for his sex drive. Calle is asked to make a TV food programme and, despite his reservations, Nina encourages him to do it. Maggan resigns to become Britt Gahn’s secretary.

September 1962. Calle and Nina have been making their food programme for five years, and it’s taking its toll on their relationship. Maggan makes a splash as speaker in parliament, but it’s not appreciated by everyone. Chef Backe turns up as a guest at the restaurant, but can he and Helga be reconciled? Angelo has progressed to head waiter, but comes under threat from Ragnarsson again.

Helga has suffered a stroke and the children fear the worst so Peter and Esther begin to make plans for the restaurant in case the worst should happen. Nina visits her daughter Christina, and seeks comfort from Calle as she reveals the stress that she has been under. Ragnarsson threatens Angelo’s family and Angelo is forced to take desperate action.

Peter and Esther have destroyed Helga’s will which would have given Nina control of DK, but she won’t give up easily. Nina and Calle are reconciled, but Calles conscience eats away at him – should he confess his infidelity with Sonja? The police suspect Angelo of murdering Ragnarsson. Britt has good and bad news for Maggan. Gustaf must decide whether to reveal his addiction and sexuality.