The Returned | Les Revenants – Season 1


In a small mountain community, teenager Camille, and Simon – who both died years earlier – suddenly re-appear at their homes. They have not aged, and they are completely unaware of their own deaths.

Simon approaches Adele, but Thomas finds out about his ‘return’. In the meantime, Camille wants to get back to her old life but discovers the situation at home has changed and is introduced to Pierre, an odd and charismatic figure who predicted The Return.

Determined to come out of hiding and return to something resembling normal life, Camille invents a new identity for herself as ‘cousin Alice’. Lena is horrified by a mysterious physical affliction, and Julie’s dark past threatens to destroy her.

Camille’s new identity as Alice is going well, but Léna’s scar is draining her of energy and and she is convinced that it has something to do with Alice. Julie decides something must be done about Victor and the police take him away.

The dead gradually come out into the open but are unable to resume their normal lives. Camille is rejected by Frédéric, and Simon is abruptly separated from Adèle and Chloe. Victor embarks on a search for his murderer, and an incapacitated Léna is found by an elusive figure.

A massive power cut affects the town, creating a sense of unease, as people are drawn together in unexpected ways. Pierre forms a community around Camille, who is now seen as a prophet. Julie finds refuge at Laure’s house with Victor, whose body is undergoing a strange transformation.

Various clans are starting to form in the town. Simon investigates the circumstances surrounding his first death, and Julie and Laure want to run away with Victor, but nobody seems able to leave.

Relations are strained between the living and the dead. The living deeply fear the dead, especially as a newer and more sinister wave of them enters the town. With the townspeople in fear and the stakes higher than ever, everyone will have to choose sides.