The Sandhamn Murders | Morden i Sandhamn – Season 2


Nora throws a party on the terrace by the sea on the island of Sandhamn. Everyone is there for the arrival of the regatta. Nora’s husband, Henrik, is at the helm of the leading boat. There is jubilation on the terrace, but the captain and owner of the yacht collapses, hit by a bullet to the chest. Who shot him and from where? A new investigation begins for Thomas. How could the shooter flee and go unnoticed?

Thomas and his colleague Mia are convinced that the shots were fired from either Nora’s or her neighbour’s villa. Thomas questions the murdered lawyer’s colleagues. Meanwhile, Henrik has trouble accepting that Nora wants a divorce, and does everything he can to change her mind.

Another member of the Yachting Club, Martin the treasurer, is killed. Thomas and Mia discover that he had lent money to the murdered lawyer. With this new victim, tongues begin to loosen in the small community of Sandahmm, but the truth is elusive. Nora assists with the investigation as a legal advocate, which allows her to get closer to Thomas.

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