The Simple Heist | Enkelstöten – Season 1


Jenny and Cecilia realize that their dreams of a bright old age are about to be shattered. Cecilia has gambled on the stock market and lost heavily, while Jenny’s husband is leaving her with nothing in their divorce. Then Cecilia has a crazy idea: they could rob a bank.

Jenny and Cecilia are preparing for the robbery in Stockholm where a bank employee is set to play an important part in their plan. But, as they progress, not everything works out as intended. Meanwhile, the divorce is upsetting Gunnar more than anyone expected.

Jenny and Cecilia are back in Kalmar from the robbery but their haul is still locked in containers and their desperation to open them up results in them making a dangerous and foolhardy move. Police officers Oscar and Anki pick up an alarming lead.

Jan discovers that Cecilia has lost all of their money on a bad stock deal. and become anxious when Oscar and Anki pick up their trail and arrive in Kalmar. Meanwhile, Krimmy and Olle are making plans.

Jenny and Cecilia are robbed of all the money but Stellan continues to demand his share and Cecilia tries to resolve the situation on her own. When Jenny becomes aware of Cecilia’s plans, they embark on their most dangerous adventure yet.

Jenny and Cecilia manage to escape from the MC club with all the money and give Stellan his share, but the cops are hot on their heels. At the same time, Jenny has to go and take care of a drunk Harriet. Jenny and Cecilia resort desperate measures as Christmas Eve approaches and their situation worsens.