The Snowman May Prevent Downsizing In Norway

In the autumn Alexander Payne is due to begin filming Downsizing, starring Matt Damon. The movie is a social satire that follows a man who decides that he could have a better life if he shrinks himself.

Exteriors for Downsizing will certainly be shot in Norway, but it is feared that The Snowman could hamper plans for a wider production presence. Both films have applied for the newly created incentive scheme but some believe that The Snowman may already have been promised most if not all of the pot.

Stine Helgeland, director of the Norwegian Film Institute, says: “No one has been promised money. We will consider the four applications based on who best meets the criteria for the incentive scheme.”

“Among the criteria is that the productions will highlight Norwegian culture and nature, they will be filmed completely or partly in this country and contribute to increasing the number of international film shoots in Norway.”

“It may be that one of the projects receives the entire sum, but we do not know yet. It depends on which projects will provide the best outcome.”

A decision is expected in early March. If Downsizing does not receive financial support, then only exteriors will be filmed in Norway and the action will take place against a green screen.