The Sommerdahl Murders | Sommerdahl – Season 1


Dan and Marianne Sommerdahl’s 25th wedding anniversary is interrupted when a Slavic woman is found dead on the beach next to the Kronborg Castle. The woman had given birth recently, and now every minute counts in the search to find the baby before it’s too late.

Dan and Flemming interrogate John Frandsen but run into dead ends. With the odds of the baby’s survival running out, they trace a packet of Valium found with Liliya’s prints on it. Meanwhile, Marianne recovers from the attack on her and returns to work on the case, but she has weighty matters to discuss with Dan.

When lottery winner Ursula Jørgensen falls to her death at the Elsinore Food Market, Dan and Flemming quickly determine it was homicide. After talking with her two children, they begin to suspect her son, who was counting on his mother paying for his deposit in a restaurant venture. But as the detectives discover more about Ursula’s personal life, it leads them on the path of a serial swindler.

Dan and Flemming create a false identity for Marianne, who will pretend to be another lottery winner to lure the con man out of hiding with the promise of a new mark. Meanwhile, Dan and Marianne try to sort through the status of their marriage as the birthday of their daughter, Laura, approaches.

Playboy entrepreneur Peter Mynster-Schmidt is found dead in his jacuzzi, having been hit on the head and electrocuted. On the same day, a car from the construction site of his latest development is reported stolen, and then the company’s accountant, Martin, goes missing. Presuming that the accountant has killed Peter, Dan and Flemming try to track him down.

Dan and Flemming go to the hospital to see Martin, but he must be placed in a medically induced coma before they can speak with him. Svend analyzes P:A:H’s accounts and digs up evidence of financial fraud, and Dan gets a curious tip from one of Peter’s lovers. Meanwhile, Flemming suggests Dan go on a date to gain clarity on his feelings about the separation.

When Elsinore Football Club’s representative for volunteers and sponsors to their youth team is found dead a couple days before the National Youth Team Cup Final, it’s both a tragedy for the team and a financial disaster for club owner Helmer Klausen. Dan and Flemming focus in on Elsinore’s star player, Jonas Andersen, but events soon grow more complicated.

As the technicians work to extract information from Lars-Erik’s recovered laptop, the detectives discover that Lyngby’s star player, Alexander Bouhari, gave 15,000 kroner to Jonas. While Dan and Flemming try to uncover the connection between the two rivals, the DNA results come back showing no match to Jonas, and they are forced to release him. Tensions grow between Dan and Flemming over Marianne.