The Team | Mord uden grænser – Season 2


Malu and Faris have fled from Syria and found temporary shelter at Marskgården in Sønderjylland. While Malu is on the phone to her mother in London to say that they are safe, shots and screams emerge from the floors below. Danish Police Commissioner Nelly Winther is asked to investigate the case along with Gregor Weiss of the Hamburg police, and Paula Liekens of the Belgian secret service.

Malu is on the run from the authorities and the killer while, at Marskgården, Nelly finds documents related to a terrorist group. The police find a golden frieze in the marshes that Malu dropped during her escape, and now art theft seems to be a possible motive for the murders. Helle picks up Malu and takes her home to get some dry clothes and something to eat.

Helle keeps Malu hidden from her partner Morten, who has neo-Nazi tendencies. Safa and Marwa, two of the Marskgården victims, are to be buried in Belgium and Paula hopes that Marwa’s boyfriend Karim will be there so the police can clarify the connection between the art theft and the terrorist group. Morten discovers Malu and attacks her, but Helle knocks him unconscious.

Helle and Malu seek refuge with Helle’s mother, Ghita… but when Ghita finds out about the case, she reports them to the police. Malu tries to escape, but is injured and hospitalised. The police try to find Morten after discovering that he is planning a terrorist attack. At the hospital, an Arab man is looking for Malu and tries to kill her – Paula stops him but is severely hurt.

Nelly is on the hunt for the man who tried to kill Paula. Meanwhile, the art thieves are in crisis as pressure grows to get the merchandise for ring leader Richard Adamson. Paula is keen to publish pictures of the suspects but Nelly is against it. Malu’s mother leaves England in search of her daughter and looks to an old friend for help. However, the man who attacked Paula is now after Malu and plans to use her mother to get to her.

The press are told about the murders and Nelly reveals footage of Said, the assassin. Malus’s mother is offered a lift from him, but flees from the car when she discovers that he is wanted in connection with the Marskgården murders. Paula finds the Belgian victims’ contact, Karim, and interrogates him.

Malu’s mother reports Said to the police, and Nelly and Gregor take her to Malu’s safe house. Said shows up, but Malu manages to escape. The police are closing in on the illegal trade in golden friezes from Syria.

Richard Adams’ illegal art purchase is all over the media, and the gold friezes are now safe in Antwerp. Having escaped from Said, Malu seeks shelter with the police and tells them all about the gold friezes and how they were smuggled out of Syria. The authorities want to extradite Malu to Syria, but Gregor is determined to not let that happen.