The Third Eye | Det Tredje Øyet – Season 1


A little over four years ago policeman Viggo Lust experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when his daughter, Christina, disappeared without a trace. Viggo’s world has unraveled and now his superiors have given him one last chance to pull himself together with a new partner, Mari Friis. But can Viggo let the old case lie or will he continue investigate the disappearance of Christina.

Viggo dreams about Christina, and a disfigured corpse is found in the woods. Viggo Lust dreams of his daughter, where she is being persecuted in the woods by a soldier. Meanwhile, a disfigured corpse is found in the same forest that Viggo dreamed of. Has Viggo found the solution to his daughter’s disappearance?

Viggo is haunted by dreams that apparently have no basis in reality. A woman reports the murder of her mother, who died in a nursing home. Viggo and the team have trouble taking the woman seriously when they realise that the case depends solely upon the woman’s intuition. However, when she is proved to be correct, Viggo changes his attitude to his own dreams.

Mari joins forces with Viggo in pursuit of Christina. The investigation takes them to a hazardous environment where Viggo faces danger.

Mari discovers an error in Viggo’s previous investigation and Viggo is convinced that he has found Christina’s kidnapper.

Mari is caught in the middle of a robbery in a jewellery store and when one of the staff is later found murdered, it is apparent that the robbery was not random. But there is no evidence and soon the police are forced to cooperate with one of the robbers to resolve the matter.

Viggo has become interested in the phone call that Sofie had to take on the day that Christina disappeared. Mari discovers that it was Håvard, Sofie’s new boyfriend, who called her. Meanwhile a young girl disappears from a shopping center in Oslo and memories of Christina’s disappearance are stirred in the police force.

Viggo is convinced that Håvard is responsible for Christina’s disappearance. Viggo, who has now left the police force, is not allowed to be involved in the investigation, so decides to find Christina on his own. Håvard protests his innocence, pushing Viggo over the edge, so he breaks in to custody to interrogate Håvard himself, only to learn that he might be innocent.

Viggo has nearly killed himself in the hunt for Christina and in his delirium he fears that Håvard may be in danger. Håvard is found dead in his cell. Viggo is now suspected of killing Håvard, but is also getting closer to the truth about Christina.

Viggo is on the run from the law. He turns to an unexpected source for help. Will this finally solve what happened to his daughter?