The Third Eye | Det Tredje Øyet – Season 2


It has been two years since we last saw homicide detective Viggo Lust. After the loss of his daughter Christina, Viggo has broken almost all ties to the past and started working in the organised crime department.

Along with his new partner Brett he tries to find the heroin distributors that operate out of a restaurant in Oslo. They witness an execution, and suddenly Viggo is a key witness in the case for his former colleague Mari.

The relationship between Viggo and Mari improves. Viggo is willing to work with her to find the ​​killer.

The scan of Viggo’s brain shows that something may be seriously wrong. A suspect disappears right in front of the noses of the homicide detectives, and Viggo sees new visions of Mari being shot.

Viggo is in better spirits than ever. It rubs off on Sofie, his ex-wife who is now his girlfriend. But Viggo is really confused and keeps ignoring Christina’s warnings.

Viggo still has visions of the killer Kenneth, and fears that they might have had the wrong man. Meanwhile, Viggo receives a serious message from the doctor, and pushes away those nearest to him.

Due to yet another murder the police are confident that Tony Lehman was not killed by Kenneth. There is a “Mr X” out there, and Viggo must find him before Mari gets herself into danger and gets shot.

Viggo finds a duplicate in Carlos’ restaurant, but is unsure whether he has seen a third person in there or if he just saw a vision.

The police are confident that they have the right killer. But Viggo is not satisfied.

Viggo realises who the culprit must be, but gets no support. On the contrary, he is about to be suspended after several reports of strange behaviour. But Viggo still fears that something might happen to Mari, and in the hunt for the killer, that is exactly what happens.