The Truth Will Out | Det som göms i snö – Season 1


When Peter Wendel is pulled into an urgent murder investigation, he is left with no choice but to employ the force’s’ least desirable police officers in order to get his new Cold Case Unit up and running as quickly as possible.

The investigation has been leaked to the media, causing havoc. Peter conceals the fact that he has a personal connection to the murder weapon. Meanwhile, he and Barbro come into close contact with the killer.

When information about the murder weapon is leaked, Peter comes under suspicion of having murdered the lawyer. Jorman and Caijsas discover something terrible that has major consequences.

Peter gets into trouble when he tries to contact the Minister Of Justice. When a mysterious witness suddenly shows up, the murder investigation takes a new and very unexpected turn.

Peter’s loathing for the Minister Of Justice has major consequences for the Cold Case unit. Meanwhile, the suspected killer appears to be planning yet another horrific crime.

Peter refuses to accept his suspension and continues to shadow the suspect. Elsewhere, Barbro begins to investigate a mysterious disappearance herself.

The suspected killer has managed to escape with a hostage. The Cold Case team are drawn into a fight against the clock to stop the killer executing their plan, which involves the Minister Of Justice.

The Minister Of Justice is kidnapped and the world’s eyes are upon Sweden. Peter Wendel faces harsh criticism for failing to catch the killer.