The Unlikely Path To Stardom For 30 Degrees Teng

In an interview with SVT, Project Manager Peter Zell reveals the unlikely story behind casting Teng for 30 Degrees In February. They needed a Thai girl who could play an eleven year old who had grown up in an orphanage, and that had initially proved difficult.

Zell says: “It was hard to find her. But then there was this girl (Namfon Phetsut) at the hotel where Anders (Weidemann, scriptwriter) was staying who played with his daughter Viola.”

“Anders suggested that we should try to cast her. And it went fantastically well. We ended up right on target.”

“Her background is that she partly grew up in an orphanage in Thailand. But her mother came and collected her and took her back to Sweden… so she can speak both Swedish and Thai. She is absolutely amazing in her role.”

Season Two of 30 Degrees In February continues Mondays at 9pm on SVT.