The Valhalla Murders | Brot


3.6 out of 5 stars
Starring: Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir, Björn Thors
2019. Returning series

Police detective Arnar is out of his depth when he is ordered against his will to travel from his adopted home in Stockholm to Reykjavik to help investigate Iceland’s first serial killer case – a gruesome series of murders where elderly people have been stabbed to death.

Arriving in Iceland, Arnar is quickly paired up with senior inspector Kata, who protests because she feels that she can handle the case herself. Despite the underlying conflict between the two, they must find a way to set their differences aside and work together in order to catch the killer before he strikes again.

But the deeper they dig, the clearer it becomes that this horrifying case isn’t just about the present, but about a forgotten crime in the past. The trail leads them to an abandoned boy’s home called Valhalla where horrendous crimes took place dating back 35 years, with tales of child abuse and a missing boy seeming to be the key to the case.