The Winners Are Revealed For Kristallen 2018

During a gala ceremony hosted by Gina Dirawi at the Cirkus Arena in Stockholm on Friday, the winners were revealed for Kristallen 2018, which rewards innovative thinking, originality and craftmanship in Swedish television.

Although nineteen statues were handed out during the ceremony, only three categories are drama specific and both Best Drama and Best Actress (Hedda Stiernstedt) went to epic saga The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu), which follows a family and their restaurant through the decades that follow World War II.

Meanwhile, Best Comedy and Best Actor (Henrik Dorsin) were awarded to season three of Grotesco, which included a satirical musical about the refugee crisis in 2015 and how it changed the country’s socio-political landscape.

The Bridge (Bron), SVT
Greyzone (Gråzon), C More
Mother Goose (Gåsmamman), Kanal 5
The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu), SVT
The Lawyer (Advokaten), Viaplay/TV3

Fredrik Hallgren, Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen), SVT
Henrik Dorsin (Grotesco: flyktingkrisen – en musikal), SVT
Johan Petersson, Helt perfekt, Kanal 5
Kristofer Hivju, Beck, C More
Alexander Karim, The Lawyer (Advokaten), Viaplay/TV3

Alexandra Rapaport, Mother Goose (Gåsmamman), Kanal 5
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Greyzone (Gråzon), C More
Eva Röse, Helt perfekt, Kanal 5
Hedda Stiernstedt, The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu), SVT
Vera Vitali, Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen), SVT

Enkelstöten, TV4
Grotesco, SVT
Helt Perfekt, Kanal 5
Leif och Billy, SVT
Sommaren med släkten, Kanal 5

Citizen Schein, SVT
Det goda landet, UR
Eran – punk i tre delar, SVT
Hela Sveriges mamma, SVT
Superswede, Viaplay/TV3