There’s Something Going On With Martina Haag

Viaplay has announced There’s Something Going On (Det är något som inte stämmer), the directorial debut feature by Martina Haag of her own critically acclaimed novels Det är något som inte stämmer and Livet går så fort och så långsamt.

The story follows Petra through two pivotal moments in her life: as a 50-year-old (Alexandra Rapaport) going through a divorce and as a 15 year old (Ella Hammarsten Liedberg) in the 1980s trying to deal with her parents’ separation. In so doing, the film weaves together Petra’s emotional journey that alternates between deepest sorrow and defiant joie de vivre.

The cast also includes Shanti Roney (The Unlikely Murderer) as Petra’s husband, Adrian Macéus (The Truth Will Out) as young Petra’s love interest and Jessica Liedberg (Together) as her mother.

Ella Hammarsten Liedberg said: “It is a challenge and a privilege to share a role. When I read the script, I immediately knew that I wanted to take on this role. I saw straight away how I wanted to play Petra.”

Alexandra Rapaport added: “It will be exciting to find a common body language. We are the same person at different ages. We want to visualise the way in which you carry your experiences through life… When I read the book it really shook me – I totally identified with it on an emotional level.”

There’s Something Going On, written by Martina Haag and Peter Arrhenius, has already begun filming in Stockholm and is slated to premiere on Viaplay across the Nordic region in 2023.