Thicker Than Water | Tjockare än vatten – Season 1


Siblings Lasse, Jonna and Oskar Waldemar are reunited after many years at the family guesthouse on the Åland archipelago. The reunion is filled with conflict and brings up old memories and secrets. Meanwhile, their mother Anna-Lisa has a hidden agenda that will change the siblings’ lives forever.

Anna-Lisa’s sudden death is a shock to the siblings and her will contains unexpected demands, forcing Lasse, Oskar and Jonna to remain and work at the guesthouse against their will. At the same time something in Stockholm is pulling the noose tighter around Lasse’s neck. Suddenly the siblings face their longest summer ever.

Jonna disappears and the will risks being annulled if she does not return to the house. Meanwhile, Lasse wants to finish the pool while he is there – but Oskar forbids it because he fears a dark secret will be uncovered.

Lasse will not get any insurance money after the restaurant fire and creditors come to the guest house. Oskar becomes jealous when Liv defends Lasse, but is forced to still help him. Jonna finds sanctuary in amateur theatre and new boyfriend Mikael Rosen. Kim becomes aware of a family feud.

The lodging house gets into shape for a big wedding reception in midsummer. However, the event causes unforeseen problems for Oscar, who is trying to be on his best behaviour towards Liv. Meanwhile, Jonna gets an unexpected visit, which only complicates matters further.

After Lasse and Liv kiss, Oskar gets paranoid and everything changes. At the same time, he must do everything he can to ensure that the siblings continue to run the guest house together. Divers start searching the wreck, but find something else. Lasse is visited by the police who seem to have found a suspect. Manne is neither impressed by Jonna nor Mikael Rosén, which has fatal consequences.

Oskar is nervous about the results from the DNA tests which have been delayed. Is it Mauritz that the divers found? Lasse has problems clearing himself of arson. Kim’s birthday takes an unexpected turn. Before the theatre premiere Jonna tries to mend her relationship with Mikael Rosén.

The siblings have to persuade neighbour Mildred not to sell the estate to Rosén. Jonna has a dark secret that they can bargain with – she knows what happened to Mildred’s husband. Lasse goes to Helsinki to buy Timo’s silence, but is pulled even deeper into something he has been trying to avoid. Liv wavers between Lasse and Oskar and makes a mistake.

Oskar is terrified. Who is behind the blackmail? He suspects Lasse and the siblings drift increasingly apart. Jonna gets an ultimatum and is forced to choose between her old and new life. Lasse and Liv relive old memories. Meanwhile some youngsters are sailing out to sea when a dense fog draws in.

Oskar knows that Liv is lying and suspects that she was thinking of leaving him. He intends to confront Lasse once and for all, no matter the cost. Liv finally discovers Lasse’s true self and makes a decision. It’s just days away – can the siblings hold on to get the inheritance?