Thin Blue Line Named Best Drama At Kristallen

Thin Blue Line was declared Best Drama and Programme Of The Year at the Kristallen TV Awards on Friday during a gala ceremony presented by actress Sissela Kyle and journalist Parisa Amiri at Cirkus in Stockholm.

SVT crime drama Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen) follows four Malmö police officers (played by Amanda Jansson, Oscar Töringe, Gizem Erdogan and Per Lasson) as they struggle to keep their spirits up and human values intact while dealing with death, social misery and the growth of criminal activity in the city’s notorious problem areas.

Meanwhile, Alexander Abdallah was named Best Actor for his role in Snabba Cash, a Netflix reboot of the world set in motion by the novels of Jens Lapidus and subsequent motion picture franchise, which picks up the story ten years later as a determined tech entrepreneur (Evin Ahmad) kickstarts starts her company with criminal money.

Finally, Amy Deasismont earned Best Actress for her starring role in Viaplay Original Thunder In My Heart, which follows a group of young friends as they come of age and strive to meet the unexpected demands of adult life while coming to terms with their own identities, pasts, and passions.

Here are the nominees and winners of the three drama categories announced at Kristallen 2021…

Snabba Cash
The Hunt For A Killer (Jakten på en mördare)
Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen)
Thunder In My Heart

Per Lasson for Tunna blå linjen
Alexander Abdallah for Snabba Cash
Oscar Töringe for Tunna blå linjen
Ulf Stenberg for Björnstad
Alexej Manvelov for Top Dog

Lotta Tejle for Sommaren 85
Miriam Ingrid for Björnstad
Evin Ahmad for Snabba Cash
Gizem Erdogan for Tunna blå linjen
Amy Deasismont for Thunder In My Heart