Thin Blue Line | Tunna blå linjen – Season 1

Newly graduated Sara is trying to find her way in the Malmö police. She and her partner Magnus are called out when five-year-old Belle disappears.

Sara struggles to deal with her protective instinct and keeping her emotions in check at work. When she and the team storm a brothel, she is tasked with looking after vulnerable people.

The mood between Sara and Magnus suddenly shifts when Magnus becomes unexpectedly irritated. Jesse’s fears about his daughter heighten when he meets her new friends.

The police’s powerlessness in the face of the high crime rate leaves Leah disappointed. When another murder of a young boy is put on the shelf, she can no longer just watch, and decides to speak up.

The police receive a lot of backlash, and Leah deals with her grandfather’s constant complaints. However, a tragedy in Stockholm changes everything.

Magnus reveals his soft side when he is given the chance to help a group of youths. Jesse attempts to deal with his anxiety for his daughter.

As violence, hatred, and racism runs rampant across the city, Sara’s idealistic views are put to the test.

The growing crime rate leads to the police taking an increasing tough stance; when the government introduces special visitation zones in vulnerable parts of the city, the citizens react badly.

Now that nothing is standing in their way, Sara and Magnus decide to plan a date. Jesse continues to worry about Siri’s wellbeing.

When Sara is unexpectedly needed at home, it gives her time to think about her future. Jesse receives the cold shoulder from Siri.