Thin Ice | Tunn is – Season 1

A research vessel is attacked off the Greenland coast. The incident is happening just as the Arctic Council is trying to agree on a treaty to ban oil extraction in the Arctic.

After the attack on the research vessel, the crew and Viktor are missing. Viktor’s wife Liv takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Elsa tries to convince the other members of the Arctic Council to stay in Greenland.

Filmmaker Kimmernaq wakes up in captivity with the crew of the oil tanker. The hostages decide to fight their guards. At the same time, Liv discovers that there is a link between the attackers and the Russian government.

Liv and Enok travel north to follow up on a lead that could lead to the kidnapped crew, and Elsa’s proposal loses support from other ministers when she falls victim to a smear campaign from Russia.

The ship’s owner, Ville Berger, travels to Tasiilaq to provide support for the crew’s families. Elsa struggles with several setbacks that combine to lead to a life-changing decision.

Elsa reacts with a counter-attack after she is blackmailed. The council is outraged and Elsa finally seems to be getting the support she needs. Meanwhile, Liv and Enoch discover a clue and choose to defy the rules in search of the truth.

Enok and Liv land a few kilometres from the Danish military base, where the kidnappers are hiding. At the same time, a revelation puts the Danish and Swedish foreign ministers on a collision course.

Long-awaited reunions await in Tasiilaq, but Enoch’s family is still missing and Liv decides to help him. Elsa invests in signing her deal when an unexpected offer changes everything.