Third & Final Klovn Movie Begins Filming

Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam are ready to begin filming their third and final toe-curling Klovn cinematic adventure, Klovn The Final.

Although details about this latest Klovn instalment are limited, Christensen and Hvam say that from the beginning the Klovn movies were conceived as a trilogy telling the story of modern man through the three most important elements of his life: fatherhood, friendship and marriage.

Whereas Klovn The Movie (2010) was about Frank’s fight to become a father, and its sequel Klovn Forever (2015) was about his friendship with Casper, the conclusion to the franchise is about love and sees Frank, now 50 years old, taking stock of his life.

Christensen and Hvam said in a press statement: “A third and final film is a natural way for us to end the amazing movie adventure that began with Klovn The Movie almost a decade ago.”

“We want to bring it to a close with a bang, and we look forward to starting filming. Hopefully it will be as fun for the audience as we expect it to be for us.”

Klovn The Final, which begins filming today, is directed by Mikkel Nørgaard who helmed the first two movies, and will see several actors return including Mia Lyhne. It will receive its cinematic release on 30th January 2020.