Third Season Of Skam Confirmed At Nordic Media Days

NRK P3’s drama Skam (Shame), which follows Noora and her friends at Hartvig Nissen High School in Oslo, has become a phenomenon since launching in October last year. Although it was created with teenage girls in mind, it has proven to be popular with a broad cross section of the population.

The series is written and directed by Julie Andem, while Mari Magnus is responsible for social media so that viewers can follow the characters every day on Instagram and Facebook. At Nordic Media Days in Bergen this week, they took part in a Q&A about the show.

Magnus spoke of the difficulty in enticing people to audition: “We went far and wide to find the right cast and I think we went to all the secondary schools in Oslo and Akershus. We were also on Insta and many other channels to try to find people there.”

“In the beginning it went pretty slow – our target audience does not use NRK… But in the end we had 1200 youngsters for audition.”

Later, when asked how the name for the show came about, Andem said: “We didn’t know what the series should be called. Whatever we arrived at was all wrong.”

So it was left up to the 1200 youngsters auditioning to decide. A sheet was hung up in the waiting room for their suggestions…

“We boiled it down to ten names, and the last audition got to choose. Skam won, but it could just as easily been called something else.”

Then, towards the end of the session, it was asked how many seasons there will be of Skam. Andem replied: “We do not know, it is not certain, but we can say that there will be a season 3. I will start writing it before the summer.”

Skam recently won three categories at Gullruten 2016: Best TV Drama, Best New Series, and Innovation Of The Year.