Thomas Vinterberg Makes Epic Move Into TV

TV2 Danmark has ordered six-part family saga Familier som vores (Families Like Ours), Thomas Vinterberg’s first TV drama and one in which he explores a thought experiment: if we were forced to leave our country, what would happen?

The sun is bright in Denmark this summer and everything seems good, but a new era awaits as the country is slowly evacuated. We must say goodbye to what we love, to what we know, and to what we are. Over the next few years, the people of Denmark will emigrate in different directions as the water slowly encroaches.

Those who can afford it can move to good countries, but for others their only hope is a public programme to more challenging places. Families, friends and couples in love are separated. Some will face hatred and division while there is love and reconciliation ahead for others. Property is worthless, and all fortunes are changed forever.

TV2 Head Of Drama, Katrine Vogelsang, said: “Thomas Vinterberg is in a class of his own and, since involvement in the Dogma movement of the nineties alongside his breakthrough hit Festen he has repeatedly shown his talent for telling unforgettable stories. Thomas Vinterberg is utterly unique and, like few others, creates stories that touch the soul.”

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, who co-wrote the script with Bo hr. Hansen, Familier som vores is set to begin filming in late 2021 or early 2022.