Those Who Kill | Den Som Dræber – Season 1


1. The Corpse in the Wood
When the skeletons of four young women are found buried in woodland north of Copenhagen, DCI Katrine Ries Jensen and forensic psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer are drawn into the perilous hunt for a serial killer. The murderer kills according to a pattern, but one which is at first impenetrable. For both Katrine and Thomas, the challenge becomes one of discerning the human being behind the monster. Only when they come to understand the fantasies and trauma that drive him will they be able to confront him.

2. Utopia
When a family are found murdered in their home, Schaeffer is disturbed by the mysterious, savage attack and decides to take on the case. While the investigation proceeds, another family is kidnapped and held prisoner in their own home. The killer separates the husband from his wife and child and in a sadistic game, forces the wife and child to re-enact scenes from his own past. Jensen and Schaeffer embark on a race against time to track down the murderer and free the family before the killer’s private utopia disintegrates.

3. Bad Blood
When a 17-year-old inmate is raped and killed in prison, Jensen is forced to confront a chapter from her past that she would rather forget. Soon afterwards, another prisoner is killed in the same manner and it swiftly becomes clear that a serial killer is at large in the prison. The case attracts widespread public attention and the police come in for heavy criticism. Under intense pressure, Jensen and Schaeffer struggle to track down the perpetrator in a place where violence and revenge are rife.

4. An Eye For An Eye
When the badly beaten body of a man is found, Copenhagen Homicide soon connect the murder to a war between Eastern European drug gangs and embed an undercover officer as driver for the gang leader. But Thomas Schaeffer suspects that something else is involved – something far more personal than just a settling of accounts between drug dealers. And when the undercover officer also turns up dead, Schaeffer must make a decision that is fraught with danger – one with far-reaching consequences for himself, Copenhagen Homicide and his family.

5. A Deadly Game
When the body of a young female murder victim is discovered, seconds before it disappears for ever into the flames of a municipal incinerator, Katrine Ries Jensen and Thomas Schaeffer are confronted with an apparently perfect murder. The killer is a total psychopath, who plans his killings in minute detail and is not afraid to play cat and mouse with the police. Meanwhile, Katrine meets a man who seems to be the perfect partner for her – were it not for the fact that he is married. The relationship swiftly becomes much more serious than she anticipated, but the man in question proves to be harbouring far more secrets than she could possibly have imagined.