Those Who Kill Set For Reboot On Viaplay

Those Who Kill (Den som dræber), which originally aired on TV2 Denmark in 2011, is set for a reboot on Viaplay and TV3 with a fresh take that includes a brand new cast and narrative structure, directed by Carsten Myllerup (Black Widows).

Based on an original idea by Elsebeth Egholm, the first season originally aired as five two-part stories and concluded with the feature film Fortidens skygge. However, season two will be a single continuous crime story across eight episodes that delves into the darkest of human minds in a case described as a ‘whydunnit’ rather than a ‘whodunnit’.

The series follows a detective (Kenneth M. Christensen) and psychologist (Natalie Madueño) as they try to decipher and understand small yet crucial details in the hunt for a serial killer. However, the perpetrator’s mind and actions become increasingly desperate as the net closes in.

Head of Originals at Viaplay, Nanna Mailand-Mercado, says: “The new season revolves around two strong protagonists, personal motives and a strong visual design. It’s a series that captures the viewers with many psychological layers, and at the same time it differs from many other crime dramas (because) the killer’s identity is revealed early on to the viewer.”

Those Who Kill season two is written by Ina Bruhn (Norskov), Per Daumiller (Below the Surface) and Tine Krull Petersen (Dicte). It premieres on Viaplay in early 2019.