Three Norwegian Dramas Heading To Walter Presents

In an interview with the NME, Walter Iuzzolino has confirmed that Valkyrien, Eyewitness, and Young & Promising will all soon be appearing on the Walter Presents platform in the UK.

Ravn is an ER surgeon and happily married to Vilma. However, when she becomes terminally ill and refuses further treatment from the hospital, Ravn decides to find a cure himself but at the expense of his ethics and morals. Ravn’s former patient Leif, who works for the Contingency Agency in Oslo, is the only one who can offer a suitable hiding place for Raven to continue his research. Launches May 2017.

Teenagers Philip and Henning are secretly in love and meet one evening at a remote sand quarry, fearful of being discovered. When a car pulls up unexpectedly, it looks like the boys have stumbled upon the location for a gangland execution, but instead soon witness the coldblooded slaughter of the executioners by the captive who then sets his sights on the boys, who have seen everything. Launches end of March 2017.

Young & Promising
The series follows three women in their 20s trying to find themselves in Oslo amongst a myriad of social expectations, ambitions and shattered dreams. Elise, having tried her hand at standup in Los Angeles, has returned home to Norway to renew her visa whereupon she meets up with her girlfriends Nenne and Alex. Launches Summer 2017.

Walter Presents, which showcases some of the world’s best foreign language dramas to UK audiences, is slated to launch in the USA as a subscription service this month.