Tigers Takes Dragon Award In Göteborg

Ronnie Sandahl’s Tigers (Tigrar) has been presented with the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film at the 44th Göteborg Film Festival while its star, Erik Enge, was honoured with the Dragon Award for Best Actor.

Tigers is the true story of teenage football talent Martin Bengtsson. At the age of 16, he is sold as a youth professional to an Italian club and his life-long dream seems to come true. But once in Milan he is thrown into an industry where everything, and everyone, has a price tag and in which he feels isolated by the language barrier.

The jury said: “Many films in this year’s competition had characters wanting to be the best versions of themselves in pursuit of success. The winning film gives a rare glimpse into a world many wish to enter but few are admitted. We chose to award the film that made us feel and root for the main character in every situation, whether chasing their dream or giving it up in order to survive and become happy.”

Ronnie Sandahl responded: “It was here that exactly ten years ago in January 2011 I premiered my very first short film. It was ten minutes long and I imagine that about as many people cared about it… My life has changed quite a lot since then, but it’s like the Gothenburg Film Festival has become a constant. It’s a place I measure my films against and a place I long for when it’s the hardest on set.”