Tobias Lindholm Examines Murder Of Kim Wall

The murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall is set to become the focus of new six-part crime series The Investigation, written and directed by Oscar nominee Tobias Lindholm (A War).

On 10th August 2017, journalist Kim Wall boarded the midget submarine of entrepreneur Peter Madsen in order to interview him. The submarine sank the next day and Madsen was rescued, claiming that Wall had disembarked safely before the accident.

However, over the next three months, Wall’s dismembered body parts began to appear around the area. Madsen was eventually charged with murder, and given a life sentence at a trial in Copenhagen on 25th April 2018.

Produced by Miso Film for C More, and TV2 Denmark, the series aims to provide a unique insight into the investigation led by Jens Möller, Head of the Copenhagen Homicide Unit, and is being made in close collaboration with Kim Walls parents, Ingrid and Joachim.

Tobias Lindholm said: “In creating a series like this, based on real events, the cooperation of Jens Möller along with Ingrid and Joachim Wall is absolutely crucial. I don’t want to make a series dominated by the perpetrator or the crime. Instead, I’m interested in the process and the people who solved it. And the people who have to live on.”

Ingrid and Joachim Wall added: “Our conversations with both Jens and Tobias have assured us that the story of how Kim’s murder was solved will be told from the right perspective and with respect for all who knew and loved Kim.”

The Investigation is expected to begin production in 2019.