Tomas Alfredson Returns To Comedy With Jonsson Gang

Director Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In) returns to comedy in his first Swedish language film since 2008 with The Jonsson Gang (Se Upp för Jönssonligan), a reboot of the Jönssonligan franchise.

Following a failed heist, Charles-Ingvar ‘Sickan’ Jonsson is sent to prison and upon release finds that his gang have become law-abiding citizens. But when a simple burglary turns out to be a much bigger job than he was led to believe, Sickan turns to his past accomplices to help carry out the gang’s most audacious heist yet.

The cast includes Henrik Dorsin (Triangle of Sadness) as Sickan, alongside Hedda Stiernstedt (The Restaurant), David Sundin (Taskmaster), Myanna Buring (Downton Abbey) and Pekka Strang (Tom of Finland).

Tomas Alfredson said: “An international audience mostly knows my work with intimidating vampires and sullen spies, while most of my work has been comedic. It’s been a lot of fun to return to something laughable and we look forward to finding a worldwide audience.”

The Jonsson Gang is set for a Swedish theatrical release in December 2020.