Top Dog – Season 1


A mysterious disappearance brings together an extremely odd couple: corporate lawyer Emily and recently released convict Teddy. Their widely differing goals are united to find kidnap victim Philip, a member of one of Sweden’s most powerful families.

Both Emily and Teddy are injured after the incident at Philip’s apartment. Teddy escapes from the place, but Emily has something that he is missing and when she discovers that he knows Södertälje well, she asks him for help. And that is just the beginning.

Emily and Teddy have just two days to find Philip before the ransom is due and Philip’s sister has come home to deal with the mess. The clues lead to Teddy’s nephew Nikola and his friends, but Leijon’s security consultant has reason to suspect Teddy of Philips’ abduction.

Teddy is tormented by old memories and wants nothing better than to start over. Carl-Johan is furious when he receives a threat in the mail. He wants to end all business with Leijon immediately – a decision that would mean a personal disaster for Emily.

Philip is found and Teddy has realised who the kidnapper is. Emily is preparing for the biggest deal of her life, but disappointing news awaits when it’s time to sign. The problems mount when the police arrest Nikola for selling drugs.

The kidnapper is revealed and the victim is found. Meanwhile, Teddy’s world is turned upside down when he realises that Philip’s kidnapping has an clear connection to a certain Mats Emanuelsson – the man who Teddy has served ten years in prison for ‘killing’.

Emily is asked to take a break from the firm. She and Teddy go to Mallorca to look for Kum’s daughter and find out the truth about what really happened ten years ago. At home in Sweden, Nikola is getting closer and closer to Isak and his gang.

Emily realizes that the firm she sold her soul to not only bends the law, but also commits serious crimes. Now they must be exposed, at all costs. Sara fights for her life in the emergency room and Teddy goes in search of revenge.