Top Dog Season Two Begins Filming For C More

C More has announced that filming has begun for the second season of Top Dog, loosely based on the novels by Jens Lapidus, in which the complex relationship of Emily (Josefin Asplund) and Teddy (Alexej Manvelov) is put to the ultimate test.

Top Dog season two picks up the story two years later. Teddy has returned to a life of crime and has begun to rise through the ranks, while corporate lawyer Emily has been presented with a golden opportunity with her new assignment. But soon, they find themselves with a moral dilemma that throws them both into turmoil.

Executive producer, Lisa Dahlberg, said: “The first season of Top Dog was a smash hit on C More and TV4. Now we look forward to stepping up the tempo, as we push the excitement and emotional engagement up by a few more notches in the latest season of this thriller.”

Jens Lapidus added: “Top Dog really finds a life of its own in its second season… It has a sophisticated and high-octane script where both the characters and Top Dog universe are in safe hands. I am convinced that Alexej and Josefin, who are both actors with a great sense of nuance and authenticity, will further enhance this story.”