Tove Lo Makes Acting Debut In The Emigrants

Swedish pop star Tove Lo will make her acting debut in Erik Poppe’s adaption of Vilhelm Moberg’s classic novel The Emigrants, an epic tale of those who left poverty stricken Sweden during the 1850s for a long and dangerous journey across the Atlantic in the hope of a better life for their children.

Tove Lo will play Ulrika, made famous by another singer, Monica Zetterlund, in Jan Troell’s Oscar nominated 1971 adaptation, and will star alongside Lisa Carlehed (In Your Arms) as Kristina Nilsson, Gustaf Skarsgård (Cursed) as Karl-Oskar Nilsson, Liv Ullmann as Kristina’s mother, Anna, and Sofia Helin (The Bridge) as Judit.

Tove Lo said: “To me this is an almost unreal feeling, getting to play the role of Ulrika and to work with such an amazing director, incredible actors, and a truly great team. Ulrika is a strong outspoken character who stands up for herself and refuses to be pushed around. But there is also a lot of pain and vulnerability there. It is an honor to portray her!”

Director, Erik Poppe, added: “Ulrika is one of the most engaging characters in Moberg’s novel series and I am convinced that she will take on the part exceptionally. By getting to know the female characters and the relationships between Kristina, Ulrika and Judit, we get a new perspective in the understanding of The Emigrants journey, which I think will bring new dimensions to this well-known story.”

The Emigrants begins filming this September in Western Götaland, in a move from its planned location in the Czech Republic due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and is expected to premiere 25th December 2021.