Trailer Drops For Supernatural Thriller Cryptid

Viaplay has released a trailer for Cryptid, a ten-part thriller created by graphic novelist Sylvain Runberg in which high school students are forced to face their darkest fears in order to overcome a supernatural force that feeds on chaos and the misery of mankind.

After their mother’s tragic and untimely death several years ago, siblings Niklas and Lisa struggled to piece their lives back together. While Lisa (Astrid Morberg) ran away, Niklas (Julius Fleischanderl) stayed behind to take care of their grieving father. So, when the horrific and seemingly supernatural death of his classmate coincides with the return of his long-lost sister, Niklas’ fragile sanity quickly falls apart.

As terror spreads among the students, Niklas is forced to deal with adolescent drama, mental illness and the rising suspicion of being a killer. Meanwhile, Lisa starts to have strange visions of her mother, blood rituals and the occult. As she digs deeper into her mother’s mysterious death, an evil from the past reveals itself to feast on the chaos and misery of humankind…

The cast also includes Amanda Lindh (Bonus Family), Jacques Karlberg (Farang), Deniece Ignacio Nyman (Alex), Johan Hedenberg (Blue Eyes), and Avin Kananian (Aniara).

Directed by David Berron, Cryptid premieres 30th October across the Nordic region on Viaplay.