Trapped Season Two A Politically Charged Thriller

Baltasar Kormákur’s second season of Trapped (Ófærð), which is currently in production, will explore the ramifications of a community psychologically trapped by corporate agendas.

Police chief Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) is back working in Reykjavik when a politically charged case lands on his desk: a poor sheep farmer from the Highlands has tried to kill the Minister of Economic Affairs by setting himself on fire in front of the city’s government headquarters.

The investigation leads Andri to a remote valley in the north of the island where farmers are fighting against international businessmen intent on expanding a hi-tech geothermal centre.

Kormákur told “Plot-wise, the series is slightly different. People are not trapped physically but psychologically… We decided to introduce topical issues, important to Icelanders. It will be a crime show with social consciousness, set against the beautiful Icelandic wilderness to make it visually stunning.”

Trapped season two premieres late 2018 on RÚV, with Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir returning as Hinrika and Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson as Ásgeir.