Trine Dyrholm At War In Erna Adaptation

Trine Dyrholm stars alongside Ulrich Thomsen in Erna i krig (Erna At War), the third movie adaptation of an Erling Jepsen novel by Henrik Ruben Genz, following Terribly Happy (2008) and Excuse Me (2012).

The film begins in the year 1918, and while the sun bakes the Jutland cornfields, World War I rages on in Europe and Germany needs more soldiers. All men are called to the front, and not even the Danish-minded southern Jews escape enlistment.

Field Officer Meyer arrives at Erna’s house to enlist her 17-year-old son Kalle, but Meyer refuses to listen when Erna (Trine Dyrholm) tells him that, according to the doctor, Kalle is too stupid to go to war.

Fearing for her son’s safety, Erna makes a drastic decision. She cuts her hair and swaps her identity for that of a deserting soldier so that she can follow and protect Kalle. Before long, Erna is fighting Prussians alongside the South Jutland division. 

Erna i krig, written by Bo Hr. Hansen and Henrik Ruben Genz, is slated to premiere in September 2020 with filming to begin next week, including locations in Denmark, Belgium and Estonia.