Trine Dyrholm Leads Face To Face Season Two

Since its premiere on Viaplay just two weeks ago, Face To Face (Forhøret) has been a hit with both viewers and critics alike. Now, Viaplay has revealed that it has been renewed for a second season, with Trine Dyrholm to be at its core.

The first season of Face To Face follows police officer Bjørn (Ulrich Thomsen) as he interrogates several suspects in the hunt for his daughter’s killer. Through this magnifying glass, the psychological interplay between the protagonists reveals details that impact the case.

In the second season, Susanne (Trine Dyrholm) is recovering from the loss of her daughter when she returns to work as a psychologist. But upon hypnotising one of her patients, she opens a door to his subconscious that reveals him to be the killer of a number of young women, and discovers that he already has a new victim in mind.

Determined to prevent the murder of an innocent young girl, Susanne embarks on a life-threatening journey through the underworld of Copenhagen. But no one is innocent in this story – not even Susanne…

Director Christoffer Boe said: “Face To Face is a great opportunity to combine character studies and the crime genre – so I can hardly wait to put Trine Dyrholm and her character Susanne under maximum pressure as she meets new wild characters in a desperate fight in the name of justice.”

Face To Face season two begins filming in early 2020, and is set to premiere on Viaplay across the Nordic region in 2021.