Trine Dyrholm Makes History As Queen Margrete Of The North

Trine Dyrholm (The Legacy) has been confirmed for the title role in Margrete – Queen of the North, a historical drama about a pivotal time in the history of Scandinavia under the rule of Queen Margrete I (1353-1412). Filming begins next month.

The year is 1402. Margrete (Trine Dyrholm) has achieved what no man has managed before. She has brought Denmark, Norway and Sweden together into a peaceful kingdom known as the Kalmar Union, which she rules through her young, adopted son, Erik.

However, the union is beset by enemies, and so Margrete plans a marriage between Erik and Philippa of Lancaster, the daughter of King Henry IV. An alliance with England should secure the union’s status as an emerging European power but a conspiracy is underway that could tear Margrete apart along with all that she believes in.

The stellar ensemble cast includes Søren Malling, Morten Hee Andersen, Jakob Oftebro, Bjørn Floberg, Suzanne Reuter, Simon Berger, Magnus Krepper and Thomas W. Gabrielsson.

Silje Riise Næs, who commissioned the project on behalf of the Danish Film Institute, said: “If Shakespeare had been Danish, one of his great plays would have been about Queen Margrete, who brought the North together in a peaceful and successful union with a strikingly modern view of men and women’s rights.”

Margrete – Queen of the North (Margrete den Første), directed by Charlotte Sieling, begins production on 2nd March and is expected to receive a theatrical release early next year.