Trom – Season 1

After a mysterious message from local activist Sonja á Heyggi, who claims that she is his daughter and that her life is now in danger, journalist Hannis Martinsson returns home to the Faroe Islands.

As the mystery surrounding Sonja deepens, Crime Commissioner Karla Mohr must work quickly to reassure Hannis and her superiors, as well as the local community. Meanwhile, Hannis begins his own investigation.

Karla encounters new evidence that makes her question everything. Hannis continues with his own investigation into his daughter’s death and tries to put together the clues that Sonja left behind.

Hannis discovers a secret operation that reveals that Sonja could not have died in the way and at the place that the police claim she did. Meanwhile, Karla publicly puts an end to Sonja’s case.

With the help of Sonja’s friend Jenny, Hannis devises a new plan to expose the police investigation. At the same time, Karla finally gets a breakthrough in the case that could change everything.

After Ragnar’s last warning to Hannis, a new discovery reveals who the real perpetrator is. But without enough evidence to support his theory, Hannis takes drastic action.