True Crime Midas Syndrome Strikes Movie Deal

The film rights to journalists Peer Kaae and Per Kuskner’s forthcoming novel Midas Syndrome (Midas Syndromet), inspired by the incredible true story of the world’s biggest money laundering scandal at Danske Bank, have been picked up by Ugly Duckling Films in the UK.

Mads is offered a dream job at Nordisk Bank, and with it comes a salary that can more than fulfill his dreams with his wife and daughter. His future looks bright, until he discovers that the death of his predecessor was not accidental. Was it linked to Russian money laundering? As he digs deeper, he triggers a frightening chain of events that wreak havoc all the way through to the upper echelons of society.

Oscar nominated producer, Lene Bausager (Cashback), said: “I read the book in two days and immediately thought it contained all elements of an international feature film or television series. Full of energy and action, love, friendship, international money laundering and exciting characters. It also shows how power and wealth can dazzle and fascinate in such a way that you don’t build integrity and have to learn it the hard way.”

Kaae & Kuskner added: “We wrote the book based on the principles and dramaturgical tools used by Hollywood writers… So when we sold the film rights, we felt that we had achieved one of our major goals with this story even before the book was published.”

Midas Syndromet by Peer Kaae and Per Kuskner hits book stores on 27th March.