Truenorth To Bring The Sturlunga Clan Trilogy To TV

Einar Kárason’s saga, The Sturlunga Clan Trilogy, is to be adapted as an English language drama for TV by Truenorth under the title The Last Vikings. A deal is currently being negotiated with a US streaming service.

The Age Of The Sturlunga was the bloodiest and most violent chapter in Icelandic history, marking the end of the Viking era, and was named after the most powerful Viking clan of all: the Sturlunga.

“The Sturlunga clan was the godfather of the 13th century, the most powerful Viking clan, fighting to take control the country,” says Truenorth’s head of production Kristinn Thordarson.

The series is to be co-produced by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson and LA-based producer Grant Hill. “Our ambition is to use the Working Title model, to build on our long-standing relationships with US producers and at the same time expand our collaborations with European partners,” says Thordarson.

Truenorth has also recently launched a Norwegian operation to take advantage of the local tax incentive scheme, and been hired to advise Paramount on the Matt Damon movie Downsizing, which could potentially shoot for a week in Norway.