Haugesund Premiere For Tuva Novotny Blind Spot

Blind Spot (Blindsone), the feature length directorial debut by Tuva Novotny which was filmed in a single 98 minute take, will premiere at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund (18 – 24 August).

The film follows a mother’s struggle to understand the crisis her daughter is going through and how it affects the entire family. In so doing it places the spotlight on mental health care for Norwegian youth and asks how we can help them to open up about their suffering.

Tuva Novotny said: “I wrote the script after observing a dominating conspiracy of silence regarding this subject. I was reading about several cases of very young suicide victims in Norway, and found the degree of openness and discussion about mental suffering lacking.”

“I also felt that the conversations that were being had were focusing on guilt and cause, instead of acceptance and receptivity. As film is my area, it became natural for me to use the medium to highlight something that in my opinion is poorly discussed.”

Pia Tjelta and Anders Baasmo Christiansen, who play the lead roles in Blind Spot, will join Tuva Novotny for its gala premiere in Haugesund on Monday 20th August.