Tuva Novotny In Alex Garland Sci-fi Annihilation

Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller Annihilation, which stars Tuva Novotny (Dag) alongside Natalie Portman, is now available to stream on Netflix outside of the US and Canada, where it opened in theatres last month.

Biologist Lena’s (Natalie Portman) husband vanishes during a secret military mission and is presumed dead. But when he returns home ill, she is determined to find out what happened to him.

Psychologist Doctor Ventress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) explains that Lena’s husband was investigating a mysterious, shimmering region sealed off by the U.S. government, and he is the only one to have returned alive.

In search of answers, Lena decides to lead a team on an expedition into the unknown accompanied by Doctor Ventress, a medic (Gina Rodriguez), a physicist (Tessa Thompson) and a geologist (Tuva Novotny).