2007 | Comedy
Ended | TV4
4.5 out of 5 stars

Hjälp! is a Swedish situation comedy television series. It revolves around a professional therapist, Jeanette Placzycks, played by Stina Ekblad. She treats several patients in need of urgent help, hence the name of the series. There are many more characters than those listed here.

Psykologen - Stina Ekblad
Örjan - Johan Rheborg
Benjamin - Felix Herngren
Reine - Johan Glans
LM Ericsson - Morgan Alling
Marina - Anna Blomberg
Sture / ... - Sissela Kyle
Viviann / ... - Petra Mede
Papadopolous - Robert Gustafsson
Clemens - Peter Magnusson
Dan Carter - Chevy Chase

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