2014 | Drama | Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ended | MTV3
2.6 out of 5 stars

They live among us, forever young and deadly seductive. And unlike vamps, it's not blood they crave from their male, as 17-year-old Didi Tiensuu discovers when she beds her boyfriend for the first time and promptly kills him. The sultry nymphs Kati and Nadia take Didi under their wings in her new life as a divine being and sexual predator.

Didi Tiensuu / Desirée Tasson - Sara Soulié
Kati "Echaterina" Ordana - Rebecca Viitala
Nadia "Ninette" Rapaccini - Manuela Bosco
Frida Fredriksdottir - Malla Malmivaara
Erik Mann - Ilkka Villi
Samuel Koski - Jarkko Niemi


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